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Guided By Voices Lyrics

#2 In The Model Home Series(i Wanna Be A) Dumbcharger
14 Cheerleader Cold Front158 Years Of Beautiful Sex
2nd Moves To Twin3 Year Old Man
3rd World BirdwatchingA Big Fan Of The Pigpen
A Contest Featuring Human BeingsA Crick Uphill
A Good Flying BirdA Life In Finer Clothing
A Portrait Destroyed By FireA Proud And Booming Industry
A Salty SaluteA Visit To The Creep Dr.
Acorns & OriolesAdverse Wind
Aim CorrectlyAirshow
Alone Stinking And UnafraidAlright
Always Crush MeAmbergris
An Earful O' WaxAn Unmarketed Product
And I Don't (so Now I Do)And My Unit Moves
Announcers And UmpiresAre You Faster?
ArtboatArtificial Light
As We Go Up, We Go DownAscended Masters Grogshop
At Odds With Doctor GenesisAt Odds With Dr. Genesis
At The FarmsAtom Eyes
AuditoriumAvalanche Aminos
Awful BlissBarricade
Beekeeper Seeks RuthBig Boring Wedding
Big Chief Chinese RestaurantBig School
BiteBlatant Doom Trip
Blimps Go 90Bomb In The Bee-hive
Bottle Of The Ghost Of TimeBread Alone
Bright Paper WerevolvesBroadcastor House
BughouseBulldog Skin
Burning Flag Birthday SuitBuzzards And Dreadful Crows
Can't Hear The RevolutionCan't Stop
Canteen PlumsCaptain's Dead
Carnival BoyCatfood On The Earwig
Caught Waves AgainChasing Heather Crazy
Chicken BlowsChief Barrel Belly
Choking TaraCigarette Tricks
Circling Motorhead MountainCircus World
Closer You AreClub Molluska
Cocksoldiers And Their Postwar StubbleColor Of My Blade
Common RebelsCool Off Kid Kilowatt
Cooler JocksCrocker's Favorite Song
CruiseCrunch Pillow
Crutch Came SlinkingCrux
Curse Of The Black Ass BuffaloCut-out Witch
CyclopsDamn Good Mr. Jam
Dayton Ohio 19 Something And 5Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something And 5
Deaf EarsDeathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster
Delayed Reaction BratsDemons Are Real
Discussing Wallace ChambersDo Something Real
Do The CollapseDo The Earth
Do They Teach You To Chase? Uk Version OnlyDodging Invisible Rays
Dog's OutDon't Stop Now
Donkey SchoolDrag Days
Dragons Awake!Draw(in)g To A (w)hole
Drinker's PeaceDust Devil
DustedDusty Bushworms
Dying To Try ThisE's Navy Blue
E-5Echos Myron
Enjoy Jerusalem!Ester's Day
EverydayEvil Speakers
Evil Speakers BEx-supermodel
Exit FlaggerExpecting Brainchild
Fair TouchingFair Touching (another Version)
Fantasy CreepsFar-out Crops
Fine To See YouFinks
Fly Into AshesFountain Of Youth
Frequent Weaver Who BurnsFrostman
Gallant MenGame Of Pricks
Gas Daddy GasGelatin, Ice Cream, Plum=8a
Get To Know The Ropes - The RopeGhosts Of A Different Dream
Girl From The SunGlad Girls
Gleemer (the Deeds Of Fertile Jim)Glow Boy Butlers
Gold HickGold Star For Robot Boy
Grandfather WestinghouseGreen Face
GreenfaceHa Ha Man
Hank's Little FingersHardcore Ufo's
He's The UncleHeavy Metal Country
Her Psychology TodayHermit Stew
Hey AardvarkHey Hey Spaceman
Hey Mr. Soundman Split 7" With GriftersHit
Hold On HopeHold On Hope
Hollow CheekHope Not (i Certainly Hope Not)
Hot FreaksHow Loft I Am?
How's My Drinking?Hunter Complex
I Am A ScientistI Am A Tree
I Am ProducedI Didn't Know
I Get Rid Of YouI'll Buy You A Bird
I'll Name You The Flame That CriesIdiot Princess
If We WaitIn Stitches
Indian FablesIndian Was An Angel
Interest PositionIs She Ever?
Island CrimesIt's Like Soul Man
JabberstrokerJane Of The Waking Universe
Jar Of CardinalsJellyfish Reflector
Johnny AppleseedJune Salutes You!
Just Say The WordKey Losers
Kicker Of ElvesKing & Caroline
Kiss Only Important OnesKisses To The Crying Cooks
Knock 'em FlyingKnock'em Flyin'
Land Of DangerLarger Massachusetts
Lariat ManLearning To Hunt
Let's RideLethargy
Liar's TaleLife Is Beautiful
Like I DoLips Of Steel
Liquid IndianLittle Lines
Little WhirlLiving Upside Down
Local Mix-up/murder ChargeLong As The Block Is Black
Long Distance ManLook At Them
Look, It's BaseballLord Of Overstock
Mag Earwhig!Make Use
Mammoth CaveMan Called Aerodynamics
Manenequin's Complaint (wax Dummy Meltdown) Uk Version OnlyMarchers In Orange
Martin's Mounted HeadMatter Eater Lad
Maxwell JumpMelted Pat
Men Who Create FrightMessiahs
Metal MothersMice Feel Nice (in My Room)
Mincer RayMinutemen
MobileMotor Away
Much Better Mr. BucklesMushroom Art
Mute SuperstarMy Impression Now
My Son Cool (why Wasn't This Here Before?)My Thoughts Are A Gas
My Valuable Hunting KnifeNavigating Flood Regions
No SkyNo Welcome Wagons
Non-absorbingNone Of Them Any Good
Not Behind The Fighter JetNot Good For The Mechanism
Now I'm CryingNow To War
Office Of HeartsOld Battery
On The TundraOptical Hopscotch
Optional Bases OpposedOrange Jacket
Order For The New Slave TradeOver The Neptune/mesh Gear Fox (a Rock Anthem)
PantherzPaper Girl
Particular DamagedPeep-hole
PendulumPeople Are Leaving
Perhaps Now The VulturesPick Seeds From My Skull
Picture Me Big TimePimple Zoo
Pink GunPivotal Film
PlainskinPlanet's Own Brand
Please Freeze MePleeze Freeze Me
Pop ZeusPort Authority
Portable Men's SocietyPostal Blowfish
Quality Of ArmorQueen Of Cans & Jars
Radio ShowReal
Red Gas CircleRedmen And Their Wives
Reptilian Beauty SecretsRhine Jive Click
Rubber ManRumbling Joker
Run WildRunning Off With The Fun City Girls
Sad If I Lost ItSadder Than You
Sadness Is To EndSame Things
SatelliteScalding Creek
Scalping The GuruScissors
Scoprpion Lounge ShutdownSecond Step Next Language
Selective ServiceSensational Gravity Boy
She Wants To KnowSheetkickers
Short On PostersShowbiz Opera Walrus
Sister, I Need WineSkills Like This
Slick As SnailsSlopes Of Big Ugly
Smothered In HugsSnatch Candy
SnowmanSnuff Movie (she's Gone)
Soft SmokeSome Drilling Implied
Sometimes I CrySopor Joe
SotSoul Train College Policeman
Spring TigerSquirmish Frontal Room
Stabbing A StarStarboy
Steeple Of KnivesStraw Dogs
Strictly ComedyStriped White Jets
Strumpet EyeSubmarine Teams
Subspace BiographiesSubtle Gear Shifting
Superior Sector Janitor XSurgical Focus
Systems CrashTake To The Sky
Teenage FbiTelevision Prison
The Big Make-overThe Bone Yard
The Brides Have Hit GlassThe Candyland Riots
The Colussus Crawls WestThe Drinking Jim Crow
The EnemyThe Finest Joke Is Upon Us
The Future Is In EggsThe Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
The Great Blake St. Canoe RaceThe Hard Way
The Key LosersThe Kite Surfer
The Last Man Well Known To KingpinThe Natural Alarm
The Official Ironmen Rally SongThe Old Grunt
The Opposing Engineer (sleeps Alone)The Other Place
The Perfect LifeThe Qualifying Remainder
The Singing RazorbladeThe Stir-crazy Pornographer
The Top Chick's Silver ChordThe Tumblers
The Ugly VisionThe Who Vs. Porky Pig
The Winter CowsThe Worryin' Song
They're Not WitchesThings I Will Keep (for Jim Sheppard)
Tight GlobesTime Machines
To My Beloved MarthaTo Remake The Young Flyer
ToasterTown Of Mirrors
Tractor Rape ChainTractor Rape Chain (clean It Up)
TrampolineTrap Soul Door
TravelsTrendspotter Acrobat
Tricyclic LooperTropical Robots
Twilight CampfighterUnbated Vicar Of Scorched Earth
Uncle DaveUnderground Initiations
Underwater ExplosionsUniversal Nurse Finger
Unleashed! Large Hearted BoyUnleashed! Large Hearted Boy
UnspiritedUnstable Journey
V.i.p.Vibrations In The Woods
Volcano DiversWant One?
Watch Me JumpstartWaved Out
We've Got AirplanesWeed King
What About It?When She Turns 50
Whiskey ShipsWhite Flyer
White Gloves Come 0ffWhite Whale
Why Did You Land?Will You Show Me Your Gold?
Wingtip RepairWished I Was A Giant
Wondering Boy PoetWorld Of Fun
WormholeWrecking Now
Wrinkled GhostYou Can't Hold Your Women
You're Not An AirplaneYour Name Is Wild
Yours To KeepZoo Pie
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